Legacy Park

2018 W. High Street NE. Hanover

The Legacy Park is our million dollar park, located in the Village of Hanover. It is dedicated to Wyatt Adkins, a baby boy who left this world too soon. Despite his tragic passing from hypoplastic left heart syndrome at the age of six months, he left a lasting impact on the community.

Two years after his death, the Wyatt Adkins Heart Organization was formed by Beth and Shane Adkins, Wyatt's parents, with the goal of raising funds to construct a playground and park in remembrance of the dearly departed Wyatt.

In the following eight years, people across the community pitched in to lend their skills and money to make the dream a reality.

Finally, the community's combined efforts bore fruit, with the Legacy Park opening in October 2018. The park also features a sculpture by Jason Antol, adorned with the handprints of elementary students from Licking Valley, in memory of Wyatt.

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